Vision and Mission

The Sangathan(Trust) aims to work towards the creation of a better society. It will aim to especially address the needs and interests of children and people of economically weaker sections, students through education and financial support. The Trust would endeavour to work in an integrated manner covering all spheres of life for the economic weaker sections, namely, Education, Health, Nutrition, Vocational Training, awareness about legal rights, central government schemes, state government schemes, filing of PIL in the courts, financial assistance to the victims, voice against in justice with the citizens of India and abroad, all assistance to the farmers for enhancing their income by way of spreading new agriculture technology and other related issues etc. The Trust aspires to facilitate the creation of a more just and compassionate society. To this broad end our aim would be to support projects, initiatives and movements in the fields of education, vocational training, health, art and crafts, farming, access to justice for the weaker sections of the society etc.


The highlights of the some activities are as under:-

1. The trust will setup its offices throughout the country i.e. at Central Level, State Legal, District Level and Block level.

2. The Founder Members, Central Secretaries, Core Group Members,  State Secretaries, District Secretaries, Block Secretaries, Village Volunteers will work as Volunteer for the weaker sections of the society for upliftment of the poor people.

3.  All offices will conduct Jan Sunwai on every last day of month and collect the complaint/assistance request and the same will be uploaded  online on the trust portal and the central office will forward their complaints to the concerned authority.

4.  WhatsApp Group and Facebook will be created at all District, State and National Level for uniting the community members.

5. All Community Members will have weekly meetings and Yoga at all level for better coordination and health.

6. All Community Members will assemble whenever any community member is in trouble by putting messages at the WhatsApp Group as well as at Facebook. 

7.  A team of professionals will be established at each level to report the activities being done by the Sangthan for spreading awareness amongst the society for good work through social media, newspapers, electronic media etc.